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Lili Parikramof Mt. Girnar-2013 Started in Junagadh

Around 36 KM long Girnar Lili Parikrama started on 13th Nov. 2013 Midnight by Saints and Leaders of Junagadh in Bhavnath area. Tremendous rush of Parikramarthis are shown in Junagadh town from all means of transportation like Trains, Buses and Private Vehicles. This time District Administration brings parikrama worldwide by Live web casting. To watch live Parikrama on your Android support mobile or computer please visit  http://collectorjunagadh.gujarat.gov.in/

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Grand farewell for 25 lakh buffalo

Chandigarh: A Haryana village is all decked up to give a grand farewell to a buffalo, which was recently sold for Rs 25 lakh to a farmer from Andhra Pradesh. Owner of the buffalo, Kapoor Singh is a farmer and he invited over 2000 guests from across the state to witness the function at Singhwa Khas village in Hisar district. 

Singh has also made arrangements to provide lunch for all the guests. The farewell party is expected to cost him around Rs 2 lakh.
According to Singh, the Andhra farmer Rajiv Sarpanch who bought the buffalo on Tuesday would arrive on Sunday to take the buffalo home.
Special silver ornaments worth Rs 25,000 have also been bought to deck up Lakshmi, which was the show-stopper buffalo at the Murrah catwalk two years ago in Jind.
Senior government functionaries, including director general of state animal husbandry and dairying department KK Dangi, would also attend the function.
“The latest deal would boost the morale of farmers to rear good animals in Haryana,” Dangi said.
Lakshmi, adjudged the best buffalo at Muktsar cattle fair earlier this year, has till now bagged prizes worth Rs 3 lakh in milk yield and other contests. Sarpanch spotted her at Muktsar cattle fair in Punjab. One of its male calves was also sold for Rs 3 lakh.
“I did not want to sell the buffalo. So, I quoted an unrealistic sum of Rs 25 lakh for the buffalo to the middleman because Rajiv had offered me Rs 19 lakh afew months ago. But he agreed for the deal as he seemed determined to acquire Lakshmi. He gave me Rs 5 lakh as advance,” said Singh, who gave Rs 50,000 each to two middlemen for brokering the deal.



News Courtesy


Sukhbir Siwach | TNN Buffalo

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Friends 20 Saving Group formed in Junagadh

Like minded youth from junagadh working in the field of community managed drinking water project associate to save money for themselves in way of small saving scheme and formed Self Help Group for money saving and help during the emergency need of money to any group members. Group President Mr. Laxman Pithiya said SHG is the very good way to help yourself in urgent need of money, when relatives or any financial institutions make you complex administrative procedure.

For any query please contact:


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State level Mt. Girnar Mountaineering competition-2013

Junagadhs’ pride Mount Girnar Climbing competition, 28th State level Mt. Girnar Mountaineering competition-2013 will be held on 6th January -2013 Sunday.

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Astrological view on Gujarat Election-2012

ગુજરાત વિધાનસભા ચુંટણી  2012,   એક જ્યોતિષીય અવલોકન


ગુજરાત રાજ્ય ની કુંડળી, તેમજ કોંગ્રેસ ( 1885 ) અને કોંગ્રેસ (1969 )

ની કુંડળી તેમજ ભા જ પા અને જી પી પી  ની કુંડળી ના અભ્યાસ તેમજ

ગ્રહો ની સ્થિતિ , હાલ માં ગુરુ અને કેતુ ની વૃષભ રાશી માં યુતિ તેમજ તુલા

રાશી માં શનિ નું ભ્રમણ   સાથે ગોચર ના ગ્રહો ની સ્થિતિ નો અભ્યાસ

તારીખ 13/12/2012 ગુરુવાર જયેષ્ઠા નક્ષત્ર અને અમાસ ના દિવસે

સૂર્ય, ચંદ્ર, બુધ, શુક્ર, રાહુ  આ પાંચ ગ્રહો નું વૃશ્ચિક રાશી માં ભ્રમણ છે, આ દિવસ

ના રોજ આ રાશી ના જાતક ના ઉમેદવાર, મતવિસ્તાર પર તેની વધુ અસર

જોવા મળે તેવી સંભાવના છે,

તારીખ 17/12/2012 સોમવાર શ્રવણ નક્ષત્ર મકર રાશી ના દિવસે સૂર્ય અને

મંગળ આ બે ગ્રહ ની યુતિ ધન રાશી માં થાય છે, જે અગ્નિ તત્વ નું પ્રમાણ વધારે

છે, આ દિવસ દરમ્યાન ચૂંટણી માટે વોટ નું મહત્વ, ઉતેજ્જના વધારે તેવી સંભાવના છે

તારીખ 20/12/2012 ગુરુવાર મીન રાશી અને વ્યતિપાત યોગ ના દિવસે ચુંટણી

પરિણામ માં આતુરતા, અંજપો વધારે તેવી સંભાવના છે,

ગુજરાત રાજ્ય ની દક્ષિણ દિશા અને પશ્ચિમ દિશા ચુંટણી ના પરિણામ માં મહત્વ ની

કોઈ બાબત બનાવે  તેવી સંભાવના છે,

ભા જ પા  ને લગભગ 100 સીટ , કોંગ્રેસ ને લગભગ 70 સીટ, જી પી પી ને લગભગ 8 સીટ

તેમજ બાકીની 4 સીટ અન્ય પક્ષ કે ઉમેદવાર ને મળે તેવી સંભાવના છે

તુલા રાશી માં તા 24/12/2012 થી તા 12/07/2014 સુધી શની અને રાહુ ની યુતિ થવાની છે,

જે ગુજરાત રાજ્ય ની કુંડળી માં અજંપાભરી સ્થિતિ નું કારણ બની શકે છે અને જો તા 24/12/12

પછી સરકાર રચાય તો તેને સંઘર્ષ ના તબક્કા માંથી પસાર પાવાની સંભાવના છે,

તા 15/07/2015 થી તા 11/08/2016 દરમ્યાન સિંહ રાશી નો ગુરુ થોડી રાજકીય સ્થિતિ માં

નવીનતા સર્જે અથવા કોઈક સુધારા કરે તેવી સંભાવના છે,



Hamil Lathia


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Lili Parikrama -2012 will start on 24th Nov.2012

Girnar Lili Parikrama for the year 2012 will start from 24th November officially, but people start it early to avoid traffic and other hygienic problems, due to less rain this year natural water resources are dry so it is district administration preparing drinking water facility for the Pilgrims but it very difficult to manage that much of water demand for the parikramarathi. It is wise and advisable that people should avoid themselves to take part in lili parikrama this year.


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Suwarna Dharma Rathyatra and Religious Exihibition organised in Junagadh

Akhil Gauraksha Sena and Junagadh based Twinkle Star Pictures organised Suwarna Dharma Rathyatra and Religious Exihibition  in Junagadh from 9th Nov. to 14th Nov. 2012.

Organiser and International President of Akhil Gaurksha Sena Mr. Ketankumar Vyas said that as we all know that there are 33 crore deities in cow so we should protect cows. A religious Rathyatra will be take a round in junagadh city with sculpture of  gods and godess. All Religious heads are invited. Mr. vyas said that in the evening cultural programmes also planned.

He appealed and invited all to participate in the event.

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Lions’ Vacation in Sasan Gir is over on 16th October 2012

The last abode of Asiatic Lion Sasan Gir forest will be open from 16th October 2012 onwards for public. Generally every year sasan gir natural forest remain closed during monsoon season i.e. June to October for the tourist. This year vacation will end on 16th October 2012. So then after nature lovers will enjoy in dense forest to see the lions naturally. There are official routes to visit the jungle and Forest Department issue visiting pass and vehicle pass from Sinh Sadan.

For More Information please call:

02877-285541, 285540

Devaliya Interpretation Zone 

02877 -296 888


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Chief Minister of Gujarat Sh. Narendra Modi declared Somnath as New District of Gujarat on 13 Aug. 2012

Chief Minister of Gujarat Sh. Narendra Modi declared Somnath as New District of Gujarat on 13 Aug. 2012. He announced constitution of a high-level committee headed by the Chief Secretary to form of a new district of Gir-Somnath, besides a number of projects for all round development and empowerment of fishing community, locally called ‘sagarkhedu’, living in the coastal region of the state.

Addressing a huge gathering of sagarkhedus at Somnath near the famous Jyotirlinga temple facing the Arabian Sea, he said the new district would come into being with effect from January 26, 2013. Earlier, he offered Monday prayer at the historic Somnath Temple in the auspicious month of Shravan.

Gujarat’s state-level 66th Independence Day celebration will held at Junagadh this year.

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Astrological Prediction for Gujarat Parivartan Party

Gujarat Parivaratan Party ( Tisara Morcha ) will get Sucuss in Vidhan Sabha 

& Lok Sabha, as per astrology calculation Horroscope of party is very good, 
West & North side is good for party & Office vastu arrangment, create good 
faith in internal party member and rulling concern dt.19-06-2014 to dt. 13-07-2015
is good period & dt.23-12-2012 to 11-06-2014 is creates up & down.  
Hemil Lathia
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