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Cow base livelihood and organic farming project

on March 7, 2015

Population increase in India is the major indicator for unemployment, and due to this agricultural land separated in smaller piece. So farmers have to migrate into urban area for employment and that leads to high density in urban areas. It is bigger problem for government, local authorities and social scientist. Still animal husbandry and modern farming is the great options for rural India. Mahesh Gajera full time employee in Govt. Project left his job. He strikes an idea of Cow base livelihood along with organic farming. In his parental village Makhiyala in Junagadh district He got 1 acre land of his share from parents. Mr Gajear prepared a project on Gir Cow based milk,Ghee, Buttermilk and organic farming with a view of 3 years with earning target of 6.00 lacs per annum. He started project in 2014 with single cow; today he has 5 cows and 5 calf of 1-3 years age. In farming he uses drip irrigation and ripe the benefits by cultivating watermelon, tomato, cabbage etc. When he started this project people consider him as a mad man but now Maheshbhai is a role model for nearby village’s farmer.

For more anybody can approach:

Gauras Traditional Farm

Makhiyala –Junagadh highway

Village: Makhiyala

Taluka & Dist: Junagadh

Email: mgajera13@gmail.com

20140102_000643Mobile: 095585 57923


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