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Result /Outcomes of Rain Science Forecast Seminar held on 07-06-2011

on July 17, 2011

1)  For Kharif Crop of Vikram Samvat 2067 rain will come between 15th to 18th       June.

2)  Possibilities of good rain in entire Saurashtra for sowing up to 21st to 30th             June.

3)  In the first fortnight of July there may be good rain but in the second                        fortnight it will be medium to low.

4)   In the first fortnight of August there may be no rain and heavy air blown                 while in the second fortnight medium rain may come.

5)   Possibilities of heavy rain during the first fortnight of September, while                  second fortnight remains medium.

6)   During the month of October medium rainfall may occur and monsoon                    season may be over.

7)  But in the second week of November unwanted rain come which is harmful            for the crop.

Special Predictions:

Along with intensive monsoon air speed will be very high.

Insecticides and crop diseases will be high.

Due to irregularity of rain when it pours, if it conserve or recharge then winter Crop may take.

Average 98% rain fall expected.

This year may remain 12-14 Aani.

Due to weather related changes bad impact may seen on Flowers and Fruits. Although changes in behavior of Birds and Animals may seen.

** As per Rain Science Analyst’s view**


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