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Bollywood Astrologer from Junagadh Forecast about Celebrities.

on June 25, 2011

Renowned Astrologer and Foreteller Shashtri Mukund Pandya hail from an erudite Brahmin family, born on 15th of April, 1981 in Junagadh in Saurashtra (Gujarat, India). He is the son of learned press-reporter Shri Kiritbhai Pandya and grand son of Grihpati of Jujagadh Audichya Zalawadi Brahma Samaj Shri Bhaishankarbhai Pandya.

He is trained in Vedantic and other systems of philosophy also in addition to various branches of Astrology. He is the proud disciple of his master Jyotish Guru Shri Radha Krishna Shrimali. He has also attained Acharya Pad in his very early years, having mastered the Astrology subject from Sola Bhagwat Vidya Pith situated near Ahmedabad, having studied the subject for three years. He also secured many honours during his schooling in various competitions of Sanskrit Shloka Pathan, Elocution competition, Essay Competition etc.

He is a practising Astrologer and well-versed with all types of foretelling by various branches of Astrology like Horoscopes, Palmistry, Match-making, Tantra and Mantra healing for last 10 years and the people seeking relief from their sufferings, wanting to know their past, present and future come to him not only from all corners in India but abroad also and take benefit of his invaluable services.

Acharya Shree Mukund Pandya has been awarded with an honorary title of JYOTISH MARTAND by Rajal Jyotish Group, Ahmedabad on 22.08.2004. He has also been awarded prestigious title of JYOTISH RATNA at Mumbai on 23.8.2002 amongst a learned gathering of renowned world-Astrologers, where he was felicitated in the presence of his Guru Radhkrishna Shrimali Maha Mandleshwar, Swami Shri Akhleshji Maharaj, Author Kamakhya of Lal Kitab and other dignitaries.

He is the regular columnist Astrologer in many newspapers and magazines and has acclaimed high regards for successful foretelling on almost all affairs like politics, finance, climate, earthquake, national and international current affairs etc.

His discourses imbibe authenticity with simplicity of contemporary idiom suited to the modern mind. Over the years he has had occasion to delve deep into Tantrik esotericism and various systems of Astrology. His interest in these sciences has opened new dimensions in his understanding of the human psyche and has compelled him to think along lines which will ultimately bring about synthesis of discoveries of modern Science and ancient area of human wisdom. His wish is to bring people together from all over the world under the umbrella of Vedic wisdom and to provide information to the spiritually parched souls of the modern world. He is a thinker and is not afraid to think the unthinkable.

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