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Leo Resort Junagadh started Traditional Food Competition cum Sales counter to keep it alive.

on June 12, 2011

Every community and area has their own style of food, stay and living habit, however saurashtra is known for its food from the century. With modern time comes the traditional food become less in routine use and new other food item across the India and globe came into practice, so all these traditional food items which has good taste and healthy qualities also become less use in our kitchen.

But, now in Junagadh Leo Resort – the 3 star hotels started to Traditional Food Court in front of their resort campus to bring the taste back and to know for new generation.

Titled “Visarati Jati Vangi Mahotsav” was held from 3rd June – 5th June 2011, Leo Resort, Junagadh and it get tremendous response from the people so organizers have extended it for further Sunday too.

Heavy crowd at the food court itself says that new generation youngsters and parents like the idea most.





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