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Progressive Farmer of Junagadh district using Green House for Vegetables and other Agriculture crops.

on May 22, 2011

Mr. Chandubhai Mohanbhai Dobariya of Kalsari village in Visavadar taluka of Junagadh district in Gujarat state has adopted new scientific way of agriculture and he has installed Green House Net on his farm. During Krishi Mahotsav programme – a Govt. of Gujarat’s initiative to spread information for the modern farming Chandubhai come to know about the Green House Net and he get ready to set up this new technique of cultivate agriculture product even in odd season too. So he completed all the administrative formalities for the subsidies and material procurement from the Horticulture Department.

Today, Chandubhai is very happy and cultivating off Season Green Vegetables and getting good benefits of this Green House.

He is also using Drip Irrigation system in all his 2 Hectares land by that he grown Sesame, Chili and Cucumber.

Talk to Chandubhai

94287 04117


9 responses to “Progressive Farmer of Junagadh district using Green House for Vegetables and other Agriculture crops.

  1. maya says:

    kaka’s brook wille is a amazing place for a lovely holiday don’t miss that chance.


  2. Shashi Galada says:

    Progressive Farmers like Chandubhai make you feel proud. I dont really know what form of farming he practices but if he isn’t into natural farming he should get into it. I will certainly talk to him and replicate his ideas of green house in my farm.


  3. harshadgiri says:

    How to I need gov subsidy for green house farming


  4. How much coast to make green house and what advantage


  5. Ghanshyam says:

    Great work Chandu Bhai


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