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I’m a Changemaker” group started movement for Change

on January 18, 2011

I’m sure you are moved by recent spate of events that have hit our country or the world around you. Whether its the brazen corruption and scams in public life or the RTI activists getting attacked or increasing cost of living etc etc. The most common thought that comes to my mind at least is ” what can I do” how can I stop this from happening. We see injustice around us and we want to act. The idea of ” I’m a Changemaker” group is to first connect like minded people who are aware, concerned and want to take action. This platform is to first share and discuss issues that concerns us. So please do join and once you join discuss, share your ideas and be a leader to get other people join and discuss and eventually take action. Thanks for reading this email. I really look forward to connecting with you on ” I’m a Changemaker”.


Rahul Nainwal

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