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on January 16, 2011

Mr. Paras K.Ghelani(PG) is a Jamnagar based Research Analyst(Fundamental) & Consultant having vast experience of Unpredictable and Volatile Indian Stock Market.He is Mutual Fund and Insurance Advisor Also. He is considered as one of the ENERGETIC and AGGRASSIVE ANALYST of Indian stock market. Paras K.Ghelani(PG) is giving Wealth Creating Investment ideas across the country to many Individuals,HNI’s, NRI’s, Stock Brokers,Bankers and Big Industrialists since many years with his PORTFOLIO ADVISORY SERVICES. He regularly writes articles and daily columns in Leading News papers & Stock market weeklies His Vision is very much clear and he is always prompt for wealth creative ideas. His Views on Long term Investments are mind-blowing & can able to give unexpected returns. Stock Market is highly unpredictable but with the Ideas and Guidance Of Paras K.Ghelani(PG), you will find reliable and accurate predictions on stock movements in India. His Ideas, thoughts, postiongs and guidance on this site has been created with the sole purpose of helping investors. He Can Provides you single point solution for all your investment needs of Indian Stock Market.

For more info visit his Blog : http://www.letusgrowtogether111.blogspot.com


3 responses to “Get updated Information on Letusgrowtogether111.blogspot.com

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