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People of Junagadh like to watch Ramlila even in cold wave

on January 12, 2011

Ramlila literary meaning ‘Rama’s Lila or Play is a dramatic folk re-enactment of the life of Lord Ram. Mainly special troupes from Vrindavan and Mathura perform this folk across the country. It is a form of spiritual and social transforming platform to involve people from all the caste and creed, its main message is the victory of good over the evils.

Shri Goda Rangnath Ramlila Sansthan, Vrindavan, Dist. Mathura is on the tour to Junagadh city and presently they are performing in Timbawadi area of the city. The team of 35 people performing ramlila in the various society of Junagadh. Representative of the troupe Shri Govindacharyji said that this is their 5th place in Junagadh where they are performing the epic, he said even in heavy cold wave around 4000-5000 people everyday came to watch the performance.

Shri Govindacharyji is very happy by getting good response from the people as among highly competitive electronic media and TV channels our ancient form is still alive. They are not getting any monitoring support from any Govt. Dept. or any institutions only people contributes in a way of cash and kind.

They will be very happy if anybody wants to invite them for Performance

Contact: Shri Govindacharyji Mobile: 0 80001 29750


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