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Enjoy Kerala Spa in Sasan Gir Now

on November 27, 2010

It is a good development to have in Sasan Gir, well established professional groups are coming to Sasan for the development of Tourist spot with all Modern facilities. The Gir Jungle Lodge has started Ayush Wellness at the Resort. So now all gujarati Spa lovers has not to go up to Kerala, as it is availble here in our own state. Here are the details.

 An Ayurvedic Centre “AYUSH WELLNESS” is open on  1st November 2010.The following treatments are offered by our team of trained therapists.

  1. 1. Abhyangam(45 mnts. Rs.750): This is a fullbody relaxation massage with medicated oil. By stimulating and normalizing the circulation this massage relieves the body pain, spasm etc.
  2. 2. Chavittithirummu(75mnts.Rs1250): This is a rejuvenation massage in which feet of the therapist also used to massage the full body. The flexibility increases benefits of Abhyangam also availed by this Traditional Kerala Massage.
  3. 3. Sirodhara(60mnts:Rs.1200): In this process lukewarm medicated oil is poured in a special method on forehead for a period of 30mnts ,continuosly after a full body gentle massage 30 mnts.This treatmens is very popular for its stress busting feature.This is good for insomnia, tension, migraine etc.
  4. 4. Udvarthanam(45mnts:Rs 750): This is a massage with powder or oil mixed powder Upward strokes. This is well known as an obesity treatment. If taken in multiple. Sessions. Single session will help to remove all the dead cells and toxins from the Skin.
  5. 5. Kateevasthy.(30 mnts:Rs500) In this treatment a special medicated oil is kept on the Lower back by maintaining the constant temperature. This treatment is very good for Lower back pain.
  6. 6. Part Massage.(25 mnts Rs.250):Head and shoulder/Back/Feet Massage .This massage removes stress and strain from the Massged area.
  7. 7. Mukhalepanam.(40mnts Rs250).: This is a facial beauty program, this includes face massage, face steam, and herbal face pack.

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